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Test Equipments

Sub Zero Treatment Chambers
We offer specially engineered sub zero treatment chambers. They help in improving material properties – dimensional stability, wear resistance, hardness, etc. Our innovative cooling equipments are used in different major industries. 
Environmental Test Chamber
Our environmental test chambers are perfect for a variety of industries. They feature innovative technology, high-efficient design and quality construction. Our test chambers come in various standard and custom-made sizes. There are uniformity and reproducibility, both.
Thermal Shock Chambers
Thermal Shock Chambers are very effective for thermal shock tests. These are designed to meet your specific testing needs. They come in various performance configurations. Our offered chambers are compact, capable and economical systems.
Ultra Low Temperature Chambers
We offer compact, efficient and ultra-low temperature chambers. They have an excellent temperature range. Also, they are engineered for high performance, durability and reliability. These equipments are perfect for automotive, aerospace, electronics, solar panel industry, etc.
Industrial Oil / Water Chillers
We design and engineer high-efficient Industrial Oil/Water Chillers. They are designed to meet particular cooling requirements. There are perfect chillers for your processes. They can work in the hostile factory environments. 
Ultra Low Temperature Baths
We offer advanced scientific instruments like Ultra Low Temperature Baths for several industrial applications. They are engineered for maximum durability, reliability and high performance. There are modular, robust construction and latest safety features. The instruments are used in automotive, electronics, and other industries.