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Salt Spray Chamber

Salt Spray Chamber

Product details

  • Minimum Testing Time :- 8 hours
  • Testing charges :- 600 INR per hour



The salt spray or fog is a standardised corrosion test method used for checking corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings. The appearance of corrosion products (rust or other oxides) is evaluated a predetermined period of time.

Complies with:


  • ASTM 13117 – Salt spray fog test
  • They are used in many industries including:
  • Automotive (Example SAE J14563, GM 4298P)
  • Paints and coating.
  • Aerospace.
  • Military (MIL STD-810)
  • IS 9002-1986 Part 12 – Salt Mist/Fine Mist chamber
  • JSS 55555 Part






  • Workspace dimensions: 1250(W) x 650(D-front to back) x 650(H) mm.
  • Capacity: 528Ltrs.
  • Temperature range: 35 to 60°C.
  • Salt solution capacity: 50Ltrs.
  • Saturation tower capacity: 50Ltrs.
  • Operating hours: Upto 72 hours.
  • Lid seal: Transparent polypropylene with water trough seal all around top opening lid. 
  • Base: Polished 304 stainless steel.
  • Compressed air pressure: 1.4 to 6 bar.
  • Flow rate: 75LPM to 102LPM.
  • Flow meter: 50 to 125LPM.


Salt spray atomiser: During salt spray testing, the compressed air delivered via the air saturator meets the salt water and delivered via salt solution pump so as to create salt mist or salt fog. Chamber heating mats: Silicon rubber encapsulated electrical heating mats are strategically bonded to the outside surfaces of the bottom and sides of the inner working chamber. Here the radiate heat uniformly inside the chamber and controlled through temperature controller.

Control panel is the state of the heart, touch screen human machine interface)HMI). The HMI will display chamber variable such as temperature and humidity and time. It also includes trend logging facility and also graphical display of set values for temperature and humidity over 72 hours’ time period. There is a over temperature safety thermostat along with emergency stop switch and other safety facilities.


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