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1. Scope of Contract:

A. Routine servicing once in four months.

1. Cleaning, External, internal and compressor compartment including door with water and detergent. Drain will be cleaned with compressed air.
2. Condenser and evaporator cleaning with compressed air and cleaning solution.
3. Open up cascade condenser insulation and check for rust. If any rust has
formed, emery. The same and repaint with black paint.
4. Checking both door and inner gaskets and the door will be properly adjusted.
5. Electrical panel inside will be cleaned with compressed air & any loose connections are tightened. Panel door filters will be cleaned and fitted. Outside panel door will be cleaned.
6. Refrigeration insulation pipe lines and glass wool will be checked and rectified.
7. Refrigerant standing pressures will be checked. Refrigeration system will be test run along with recording of high/low stage pressures and currents.
8. Chilled water will be checked in the tank & if found dirty same will be replaced.

B. Breakdown and Emergency calls:

i. Calls will be attended within 24 hours if informed in the morning. Otherwise it will be within 48 hours.


1) Soft water for filling chiller tank.
2) All external electrical wiring, switches, fuses, distribution lines etc.
3) All plumbing works.
4) All civil works.
5) Shifting of the machine from one location to another.
6) Consumable like refrigerants, door gaskets, oil etc.
7) All the defective spares and parts/components will be charged extra at actual.

2. Eligibility: The machine proposed to be enrolled in this contract should in perfect condition at the time of Enrolling & first service which will be undertaken by the contractor within 2 to 3 weeks from the date of receipt of contracted payment.

3. Site of work: As per as possible all repair works will be carried out at site of installation.

4. Facilities: Customer will provide all the service facilities like power to our service personnel connected with servicing. Centum will move fixtures, partitions or any Obstructions to facilitate proper working space.

5. Supply line
1) Customer to ensure proper rated current supply to each machine under this Contract.
2) In case of line fluctuations or imbalanced phase tapping the owner will take corrective measures to ensure proper rated supply and load.
3) Customer will promptly notify the contractor of any unusual condition of working of the Machine when noticed and switch off the machine until such conditions are rectified.
4) Any additions, alteration, adjustments or repairs carried out by any person other than Contractor during the currency of this contract automatically nullifies this contract.

6. Obsolescence: The contractor will not be liable for the losses or damages consequent or otherwise arising from Operation or failure of the machine or for work done on it or for the obsolescence or any other reasons beyond the control of the contractor.

7. Validity: The offer is valid for a period of 30 days from the date of offer.



Environmental testing simulates the different climatic conditions and mechanical stress that products are exposed to during their lifetime. Environmental testing will expose weaknesses in a products design or performance that could occur in service, particularly at extreme levels.


Note : 10 programs can be set and executed as per your requirement.



The COMETOID-VERTICAL is a sub-zero treatment chamber with workspace dimensions of 900[W] x 1350[D-front to back] x 900[H] mm. Its working temperature of minus 120 degree C to +160 degree C and it will reaches within 2 1/2 hour approximately with full load. It is rated for a gross load of 1500Kgs. The chamber is rugged and totally self-contained except compressed air and electrical power supply.

It is ideal for Cold Treatment purposes. The load can be charged by means of moving trolley or any other convenient methods available at site. It is used for sub-zero temper treatment of alloy steels, testing and shrink fit production purposes, etc. Preferably it is excellent for any application that requires the temperature as low as minus 120 degree C and high as +160 degree C.

Salient features:



Cryogenic treatment is used for increasing the life time of tools and dies by improving wear resistance.

Item Description

Average life before treatment

Life after cryogenic treatment


Copper resistance welding tips

2 weeks

6 weeks


Progressive dies used in metal working

40,000 hits

250,000 hits


Blanking of heat treated 4140 & 1095 steel

1000 pieces

2000 pieces


Broach used on a C-1020 steel torque tube yoke

1810 parts

8620 parts


Broaching operation on forged connecting rods

1500 parts

8600 parts


Gang-milling T-nuts from C-1018 steel

3 bars

14 bars


AMT-38 Cut-off blades

60 hours

928 hours


33 inch trimmer blades

28 hours

140 hours


The cryogenic treatment confirms with aviation, aerospace and automotive requirement (AMS 2750E/CQ1-9.



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